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January Embers

“January Embers, my heart burns there too”. This piece of prose became firmly implanted in my mind last night as the incredible sunset lit the Western sky on fire. All of this fire set on the perfect backdrop of ice covered trees and smoky wisps of chimneys nearby.

I love January and all of the contrast it brings to life. I love the frozen landscapes and crackling fires, chilly mornings and hot coffee, and frozen breath with warm hands in homemade mittens. My favourite contrast of all is that one full year is behind me, all 365 days spent and used like coins from a piggy bank and a new year spreads itself before me like a delicious buffet.

I go into January with a full and magical Piggy Bank and I wonder how I will spend my coins (my days).I sit quietly and set my intentions for my new year. Not resolutions or goals, but intentions that can best serve my life, my family, my friends, my community and of course my business. I have 365 coins to spend on things that bring me joy, bring me robust health and energy, bring love and deeply satisfying relationships (no fluff for this girl), and most importantly I will spend my time finding things that fill my “bank” so that I can better serve and as the old saying goes, “you can’t serve from an empty vessel”.

I tend to be a bit “preachy” around the topic of self-care and self-love, but I cannot stress the importance enough! Take care of yourself first and foremost and you will be so much better for the world around you and the people whose lives you touch every day.

Now,  I can probably guarantee you  I’ll waste a few coins on things that don’t serve me well…..things like frustration, anger, petty resentments, feelings of not feeling worthy or good enough, and even not washing my mascara off before bed, but with a bank that is consciously kept filled with love and joy these small “spending” mistakes will barely make any impact at all. Remember, forgiveness is also an act of self-love so forgive yourself for small “spending” mistakes and invest in yourself every day!

My January Embers are my intentions for the New Year and smoulder warmly on the pages of my journal …. I can’t wait to “spend” my new year with you all.

What are your January Embers?

With Love & Warmth - Kelly

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