August 14, 2019 2 min read

We were thrilled to be featured in our local Halifax newspaper, The Chronicle Herald.

Here's an excerpt of the article:

When new customers walk into Sage & Sweetgrass on Caldwell Road in Cole Harbour, they are taken aback by the calming scents and lack of chemical smells in the spa and salon. Owner Kelly Valentine, a local beauty industry veteran, says the essential oils and organic products they sell and use create that atmosphere.

“Because we are an aromatherapy company, people walk in and say, ‘Oh, it’s so peaceful in here.’ They get this whole experience that they don’t get when they walk into a place with all those chemical smells,” says Valentine.

Sage & Sweetgrass, which opened more than two years ago, is the result of a passion for clean and organic skin and body products. After working as a hairstylist and a business owner for decades, her own personal concerns over product ingredients and seeing colleagues suffer from health concerns led her to start making her own skincare, which turned into a thriving business.

“I had always been interested in alternative healing modalities and I realized my industry was really dirty, as far as ingredients and chemicals, and we were losing colleagues to allergies and cancers,” says Valentine. “Long story short, I decided to open a private studio and to do it as cleanly as possible. My main mission is to keep women safe.”

Valentine is an aromatherapist, as well as a hairstylist, and has used this skill to develop her own skin, body and bath products, available at Sage & Sweetgrass. The establishment also has two other hairstylists and a skin therapist. They use other products for hair that Valentine researched thoroughly, in order to find the cleanest effective haircare. Although, after she sold her last salon business, Valentine wasn’t interested in owning another large salon, she found herself responding to a demand for the simple, clean products she was making for herself and close friends.

Please visit the website to read the full article.

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