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Aromatherapy sprays are so much more than just a body treatment or a room treatment. All of our Therapeutic Misters have been carefully crafted to honour and support your deepest emotions such as anxiety, stress, exhaustion, grief, tension, and even fear.

Sage and Sweetgrass  Aromatherapy sprays are an exquisite way to meld the healing intelligence of the botanical world into your everyday life. We use only 100% pure essential oils so that you receive the emotional, psychological and physical benefits for which Aromatherapy is celebrated.

Your new aromatherapy mister offers you a multitude of benefits, and is designed to be a part of your life … every day of your life!  With every mist, you release a delicious, microscopic plume of essential oil molecules into the air and onto your body. Breathe in and experience the benefits for yourself.

There are many ways to invite Aromatherapy into your life and easily take control of your personal space and your well being.

  • May be used to elevate your mood and sense of well being.
  • Calm your distress and help ease grief and emotional suffering.
  • Provide relaxation and comfort.
  • May be used as a sleep aid.
  • May be used to enhance your Yoga or Reiki Practice.
  • A wonderful addition to any Meditation Practice

Warning: May cause intense feelings of happiness; comfort; euphoria; joy; peace; relaxation and ease!