Aromatherapy Room & Linen Spray

Transform your home into a sanctuary, promoting balance and mindfulness with every gentle mist

Imagine stepping into a world of calm and comfort with just a gentle mist. Our Aromatherapy Room and Linen Spray allows you to effortlessly infuse any room or fabric with the soothing, aromatic embrace of pure essential oils.

Delight in the exquisite blends, carefully selected for their therapeutic benefits with each aroma carrying its own unique properties, inviting you to explore and personalize your sensory journey. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or enhance the ambiance for a special occasion, this spray is your key to a harmonious environment.

Aromatherapy isn’t just about delightful fragrances; it’s about nurturing your well-being.

Our room and linen spray offer a variety of potential benefits, from reducing stress and anxiousness to promoting better sleep, to moments of pure Zen.

The Four Aromatic Essences

Fresh Linen –Unveil the essence of a sunlit meadow, where linen sways like whispers on a gentle breeze. Fresh linen captures the charm of laundry dancing on a clothesline under a warm embrace of sun and sky. Transform your cherished spaces and feel as though you’ve just opened all the windows after a long winter.

Citrus Tango - Immerse yourself in the embrace of sun-kissed grapefruit and succulent tangerine, as they waltz together in a delightful citrus symphony. Let the lively notes swirl around you, infusing your space with a joyful burst of energy. Elevating the experience is the soothing partner in this aromatic dance – Eucalyptus. It’s refreshing
touch embraces you like a gently breeze, creating a serene oasis of balance and harmony.

Lavender & Sage – Allow the soft and calming notes of Lavender and subtle, earthy tone of Sage to weave an air of serenity throughout your home. The grounding properties instill a sense of balance, harmonizing the mind and spirit, while offering a
gentle and refreshing herbal aroma that delights the senses.

Driftwood – Immerse yourself in the innocent aroma of Bergamot, reminiscent of sun-kissed citrus groves, while the delicate floral note calms the senses. Lime and Lemongrass intertwine, infusing an invigorating zest that awakens the joyful heart. The gentle warmth of Vanilla and earthy Sandalwood rounds out the aromatic beauty – grounding you in a state of pure relaxation & bliss.

The Purity of Ingredients
Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We use 200-proof perfumers’ alcohol to ensure the purity and longevity of the essential oils in every bottle. This attention to detail guarantees that you experience the true essence of nature, unadulterated and unaltered, while ensuring that delicate linens do not get soaked. Packaged in amber glass to ensure protection of delicate oils and a full 500ml to keep your space beautiful for a long time.