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My love of Turkish Towels began the first time I touched one! I’ve always loved vintage textiles, hand loomed articles, luxury cottons and bamboo blends. The Turkish towel does not disappoint!

Rolled Turkish Towels

Turkish towels, also referred to as Peshtemal (you will also see them spelled Pestemal), are a unique piece of craftsmanship, taught from region to region, with the knowledge being passed down among families and communities. Even though Turkish towels look oh so modern, the Peshtemal we carry are a product of this ancient tradition and centuries of experience. The process has not changed much since the 17th century and each piece is still loomed by artisans and craftsmen. A good quality, hand loomed towel will have both a front and back weave and usually the two are identical.

Pestamels or Turkish Towels are made from luxurious Turkish cotton, which has extra-long fibers and requires less number of joints while weaving. This makes them ultra soft and more comfortable than just regular towels. Because of these unique fibres, Turkish towels are known to become even softer, fluffier, and more absorbent with each successive washing! 

Basically, the more you use them – the softer they get. You also get a couple of added benefits when you make the “switch-over”. Peshtemals dry super fast so you can skip the dryer and just hang them to dry and they take up much less space in the linen cupboard.

Turkish towels are super absorbent because of the unique cotton fibres. They offer the perfect balance of being extremely moisture-wicking and they dry very quickly. No more or damp towel smell especially in high humidity!

Our Turkish towels are organic and made with all natural materials including vegetable dyes for the colour and patterns you see.  Every element of these towels is a gift from the earth and by purchasing Turkish towels you get to support families and communities alike that depend on this time honoured tradition.
Turkish Towels by Hot Tub

Caring for your Towels

You must wash your towel before its first use to make sure it becomes as absorbent and soft as possible. Some people like to soak their towel overnight, wring out and hang to dry.

Since these towels are hand woven Turkish towels need a little more care especially when it comes to laundry day. The better you care for them, the longer they last and the softer they get.

Peshtemals can be easily washed in a machine like any other towel, but be careful to wash in cold or tepid water. Hot water can fade the vegetable dyes and cause the long fibres of the cotton to become harsher, not softer. Use a gentle detergent and never-ever use fabric softener. Fabric softener can “gunk” up the fibres making the towel less absorbent.

There is no need to dry your towel in the dryer, and Turkish towels prefer to be hung to dry. That being said, on rainy days or when I’m in a rush I have successfully dried my towels on low heat with wool dryer balls. Never use high heat or your 100% premium cotton will shrink. All of these little care tips are a big win-win for the environment.  Cold water and no dryer needed … count me in!

You new Turkish towel has hand tied tassels which add to their beauty. With time, these tassels may become “untied”, but they are easy to redo. Simply separate the untied tassel into two sections, twist the two sections separately, and then roll the twisted sections together before knotting the tip.

Other Uses
The Peshtemal can be worn as a scarf, carried to the beach (very lightweight), worn as a wrap and is perfect for travelling as it folds thinly and adds barely any weight to the suitcase.



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