April 30, 2018 2 min read

Last night, after a gentle reminder to our social media friends & followers to lay out their Mala Beads and Crystals to recharge under the glorious light of the Full Moon, I did the very same.

I gathered my Malas, my Crystals and a few of my favourite rocks (yes, sometimes a rock calls to me and I have to bring it home), and placed them on the side deck where I knew they would be flooded by moonlight.  As I was performing this “ritual” a voice quietly whispered to me. “Kelly, do you really think that placing these inanimate objects under Full Moon’s Light is going to have any impact on your life”?

Now, I have two very real voices in my head.

One is my no nonsense, logical thinker that comes out at tax time, year- end budgets and helping friends in crisis situations. The other voice I’m much more familiar with …. We have been together forever and this voice just “gets” me.  This is the voice that comes from the deepest reaches of my heart. So, the logical voice clearly stated “of course not, now get back in the house before the neighbours call the police and lock their doors”! The other voice, the one that comes from the heart gently replied, “But, it already has impacted your life friend”. With mindful guidance so clear I dove deep (rabbit hole moment here), to get to what it was truly trying to tell me.

What was I really doing with this “ritual”?

I was claiming my heartfelt connection to the Moon, Mother Earth, and most importantly my inner wisdom and higher self. By performing this small act I was offering the deepest  devotion to my best self. My intentions were pure, honest and meant to serve only the greater good.

When I started Sage and Sweetgrass I didn’t consciously think much about the rituals I was fostering and bringing to life.

I knew I wanted to give women the items they needed to honour themselves deeply, and connect them to small moments of self devotion. I’ve chosen to do this through Aromatherapy, and to provide safety to the simple rituals like bathing, morning routines and skincare. So I invite you to do those simple acts or “rituals” that leave you feeling honoured and deeply connected, if only to yourself.  Leave your crystals out for a Moonlight Bath, drop your bath bomb into the tub while you set your intention to unwind & relax, burn the candle that offers comfort, have deep and meaningful conversations, and spend time with those who inspire and light up your soul.

These and many more small rituals are so worth pursuing, and leave us connecting from a place of devotion.

When we are connected and cared for, it is only then that we can care for the world around us.

With Devotion,


I would love to know what simple rituals are part of your routine, that offer you love and devotion on your journey of self-care. Please leave us a comment below xo

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