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Most hair colors on the market will make hair dry and brittle and strip it of much needed moisture. There are a couple of brands on the market touting that they do not damage your hair since they are “all natural” or “naturally-derived”. The truth is that ALL permanent hair color has to be combined with or include ammonia or mono-ethanolamine to lighten the hair as color does not change color. Unless you are using a temporary (6-8 week wash out color) your color is not 100% natural.

Contrary to popular belief, this does include Aveda which is 97% “naturally-derived” but it does contain ammonia.

After much lamenting and research I settled into the ColoRica Family of color. Here is why –

The company is situated on the slopes of Mount Etna, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Mount Etna is known for its fertile volcanic soils which support extensive agriculture as well as a producing a spring water source with optimum purity that is rich in precious minerals and trace elements. The water used in ColoRica comes from this mineral rich spring.

Rica’s commitment to not only quality but the environment is also very impressive. The Rica factory and all of its processes are compliant with ECOCERT ITALIA’s “Organic and natural cosmetics” regulations and in 2008 they obtained Ecocert certification. In addition they are constantly striving to ensure that their processes do not hinder the environment. Rica’s engineers are currently at work installing solar panels to reduce its carbon footprint further, reduce pollution, respect the environment and allow significant energy savings.

When they began formulating ColoRica they started with the basic principle that when hair is healthy, color will look beautiful but on the contrary, when it is unhealthy no matter how good the color the hair will look bad. Thus they took the approach to create a treatment for hair first and foremost and color second. To make the optimum formula Rica chose to use 8 cosmetic ingredients. (This is more than any other color line on the market today)

ColoRica is more than a permanent colour, it is the combination of a colouring system and hair care product. ColoRica is the result of nature, technology and passion. The technology of their new generation colour guarantees longer-lasting, more vibrant colours. They have included nine natural ingredients to create a colour that is much more similar to a hair treatment, because healthy, and well-nourished hair is shinier, glossier and retains colour for longer.

ColoRica Ingredients
The base of ColoRica is Volcanic water from Mount Etna that absorbs precious minerals from the layers of molten rock through which it flows. The many layers of volcanic rock contained in the subsoil give to water optimal purity and a significant quantity of trace elements, which increase its revitalizing and remineralising properties.

Active ingredients in ColoRica are:

Marigold – known for its particular soothing, softening and calming properties. It gives the scalp the delicacy it needs.
Liquorice – medicinal plant with soothing, softening and anti-inflammatory properties. Its leaves are used to soothe/heal the scalp
Beeswax – natural cosmetic element rich in mineral salts, proteins, trace elements and Vitamin B5. It re-invigorates the hair and guarantees protection, nutrition and moisture.
Jojoba oil – a small shrub whose fruits are rich in proteins and nutrients. Its oil is an excellent nourishing treatment for the hair, that becomes softer and glossier.
Vitamin C – The antioxidant par excellence, enables hair colour to last longer because it is less subject to oxidation by external agents.
Keratin extract – is simply a blend of 4 amino acids that are reintegrated to the structure of the hair, to restore strength, health and shine.
2 Cationic polymers – 2 positive charges present in the ColoRica formula that are attracted by the negative charge of the hair shaft. The opposite charges bind together to create a protective film that covers and protects the hair shaft, leaving it smooth, glossy, soft and easy to comb.
Wheat germ oil – particularly rich in nutrients to facilitate the germination and growth of the plant, it nourishes the hair deep down. Enriched in Vitamin E, it is also renowned for its anti-oxidant action

Who wouldn’t want to support a company that has such fabulous products combined with respect for the environment?

Once I had all of the information, my decision was an easy one and the results I’ve experienced have lived up to the ColoRica promise!

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April 15, 2020

Can I buy Colorica online in Canada and have it delivered?


April 30, 2018

I am a hairstylist I’ve used colorica before and loved it..I work for myself in Ontario Canada. .looking for a distributor so I can order colour and other products

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