Menthol Chest Rub


Relieve your cold and flu symptoms the natural way with our Menthol Chest Rub.

Say goodbye to the "nasty" additives and artificial scents found in traditional chest rubs from our youth. Our formula is made with carefully selected natural ingredients to bring you true relief.

Less is definitely more with our highly concentrated blend of organic menthol crystals and essential oils. Soothe and comfort coughs, stuffy noses, and minor aches and pains with every application. Feel better the natural way with our Menthol Chest Rub.

Directions for Use: Spread your Menthol Chest Rub all over the chest and throat area when you have been stricken by colds, coughs or other flu like symptoms. Curl up, hydrate and be sure to relax. Eases stuffy noses, coughing, feels cool and comforting, and then warm and soothing. Menthol Chest Rub may also be applied onto the wrists for direct inhalation. Avoid eye area.

Precautions: Do not use if pregnant or nursing and do not use on or around the faces of children under 6 yrs old.