Mala with intention beads

What is a Mala?

The Mala is a traditional prayer | meditation bead tool. Malas have been used for thousands of years in the traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism and Yoga. With more information, and piqued interest in the healing powers of Gems and Crystals, Malas have become more main-stream, and can also be used for the stones the mala represents.

The purpose of a Mala depends on the wearer’s needs and when worn by intuitive prescription based on the stone(s), it is a powerful amplifier of mental, physical and/or spiritual needs. Which one speaks the most loudly to you? Is it the stone and the stones intention that draws you to one particular Mala? There is no right, nor wrong way to use your Mala – most choose these beautiful adornments by pure intuition.

Each of our Mala's come in their own pouch with a polished Citrine to ensure your mala comes to you cleansed and ready for your own intentions.

Bead Meanings

Rose Quartz