Juniper Berry

The scent of Juniper Berry can be described as warm, sharp, green and distinctively woodsy.

When used for it's delicious aroma, Juniper Berry is calming and grounding which makes it the perfect oil for meditation.

It is also an excellent oil for cleansing and purifying the air.

Considered a warming oil, when diluted it can ease muscle tension and sore joints.

Blends With

Lavender | Bergamot | Chamomile Roman | Cypress | Fir Balsam | Pink Grapefruit | Sweet Orange | Black Pepper


How to use: Place 5 - 10 drops of Calm Cool & Collected into your diffuser and diffuse through the air.

Don't have a diffuser? No worries ... place a couple of drops on a tissue, or direct inhale and inhale deeply to keep you going through the day.

This blend is beautiful to wear throughout the day on one of our signature lava stone necklaces.


Juniperus communis

100% therapeutic essential oil