Calm and Collected (Anti-Anxiety) Diffuser Blend

100% Pure Essential Oil

Do you sometimes find it difficult to manage your anxiety? Do you find yourself getting  light headed, a little nauseous, weak knees, rapid breathing or maybe even paralyzed in decision making? This is your body’s attempt at the fight, flight or freeze response! When you're in the middle of a full blown anxiety attack it's hard to find the tools you need. Calm and Collected is just one of the many support systems that can help when you need relief right away.

Anxiety if very real and yes, sometimes even very scary! This complex blend is designed to calm your body from the stress response and bring you to a place of clear thinking, allowing you to breathe normally, and literally catch your breath and slow your heart rate.

This blend should leave you feeling calm, grounded and confident so you can take the next step.  


How to use: Place 5 - 10 drops of Calm Cool & Collected into your diffuser and diffuse through the air. Don't have a diffuser? No worries ... place a couple of drops on a tissue, or direct inhale and inhale deeply to keep you going through the day. This blend is beautiful to wear throughout the day on one of our signature lava stone necklaces.

      • (Anthemis nobilis)Roman Chamomile 
      • (Cedrus atlantica)Cedarwood
      • (Helichrysum italicum)Helichrysum
      •  (Marjorana Hortensis)Sweet Marjoram
      • (Citrus sinensis)Sweet Orange
      • (Thymus vulgaris)Thyme
      • (Ocimum basilicum)Basil