Balsam Fir Essential Oil

Bring forest bathing into your home every day with this woodsy and grounding Balsam Fir.

This fir essential oil has a crisp, clean Christmas Tree scent that lights up any room with happiness.

Energetically, fir balsam is as grounding as it is uplifting and when diffused or applied topically, it helps support a healthy respiratory system.

Balsam Fir is often used in aromatherapy for pain, inflammation as well as rheumatic pain.


How to use: Place 5 - 10 drops of Calm Cool & Collected into your diffuser and diffuse through the air.

Don't have a diffuser? No worries ... place a couple of drops on a tissue, or direct inhale and inhale deeply to keep you going through the day.

This blend is beautiful to wear throughout the day on one of our signature lava stone necklaces.

Blends With

Black Pepper | Cedarwood | Eucalyptus | Frankincense | Spruce Black | Peppermint | Pine | Juniper Berry | Lavender | Lemon


Abies Balsamea

100% Pure therapeutic essential oil.