Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser

Embark on a sensory journey with our new Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser.

There are many ways to invite aromatherapy into your life, and Sage & Sweetgrass Reed Diffusers are as beautiful as they are convenient & natural.

The included reeds act as messengers, dispersing the fragrant essential oil blends throughout your home creating a haven of aromatic bliss.

We use only the purest essential oils, and the blends are harmonious and elegant.


Our Holiday Blends this year are :

Winter Song – is a sublime blend that brings the essence of the season into your home for the Holidays and beyond.

Imagine walking through a snow-covered forest where the wintergreen berries are hanging heavy with freshly fallen snow, and the subtle warmth of vanilla lends a cozy feel. This complex blend is rich, deep with forest oils, wintergreen, and slight cherry vanilla finish.

Vanilla Mint – is an exquisite blend and a wonderful addition to your holiday ambiance.

As you gather for the holidays imagine your home enhanced by the freshness of mint, the comfort of vanilla and the allure of amber. These notes not only uplift the spirit but also adds a touch of luxury to the season. Vanilla Mint is more than just a scent; it’s a pathway to creating cherished memories in an atmosphere of refined festivity.

How to Use

Just open the prefilled glass container, put the reeds in and let them absorb the botanical magic and disperse it through your space. It’s a true sensory journey, carefully crafted right here in Nova Scotia. Flip the reeds about once a month to keep the aroma fresh.

The fragrance base will evaporate over time, but you should get a minimum of 4-6 months.