Peace & Tranquility Aromatherapy Gift Set

A Beautifully Curated Gift Set of  Peace & Tranquility

Experience the therapeutic benefits our carefully blended Roller Balls by touching it directly onto the pulse points as needed. Its portable delivery system allows you to immerse your senses in a daily moment of wellbeing to reset body & mind wherever you are.

Each luxury gift set comes with 5 of our best selling self-care roll on aromatherapy designed to make this her best holiday season ever! All packaged in a beautiful custom box so all you have to do is add the bow!

"When you purchase the Peace & Tranquility Self Care Gift Set, you'll have the peace of knowing this gift will keep on giving long after the Holidays are gone. You'll not just be giving the gift of luxury, but a gift that every time she uses it she will be thinking of you!"


In times of high stress your body can respond with fight or flight hormones that wreak havoc on the body. This can feel very scary, but with CALM  roll-on you'll feel relief and centered quickly! 


Blended to calm the body from the stress response, and bring forward feelings of happiness and joy. This blend will leave you  feeling confident, calm and grounded.


A headache can be debilitating at worst or annoying & distracting at best. Sometimes you just need a Heroine to step in and save the day! From migraine to virus, and from tension to computer fatigue, we have blended a super hero to address most of your headache woes. The cooling and healing blend is designed to soothe and relieve.


A beautiful blend of essential oils carefully designed to help keep your hormones in balance, and relieve your symptoms when they are not. Hormone Harmony is the perfect blend to help with the challenges of PMS and Menopause.


In times of great trauma or overwhelming stress we find ourselves involuntarily holding our breath and yes, we forget to breathe! Breathing becomes shallow & short, and tension floods the body like a slow and heavy incoming wave. 

Exhale is the perfect relief and release of these captured emotions, held hostage in every cell of our already fragile bodies. Our proprietary blend of essential oils combine to calm the body, release the trauma, and encourage full and deep breathing. A true scent journey back to balance.


There are times in everyone's life when sleep patterns get disrupted, and our thoughts race. This can prevent us from getting the healing, rejuvenating sleep our bodies crave.

Peaceful Sleep is a complex blend and not only addresses the insomnia, but the underlying causes too. It helps to quiet the mind, relax the body, relieves tension, stress & racing thoughts, and leaves you ready to wake rested and take on the world!


 Beautiful Living | Meaningful Giving

These are 100% pure, all natural, plant botanicals. No artificial fragrances. No preservatives. No parabens. Just plant therapy in every bottle!


There are limited quantities of these Special Holiday Gift Sets so be sure to order early!

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