Warm Flannel | Aromatherapy Gift Set

A Beautifully Curated Gift Set that brings the Warmth & Comfort of the Holidays into your Home

When the snow-covered chill of a winter's day settles in, remember to reach for the coziness of Warm Flannel.

The Warm Flannel Holiday Collection is a curated gift set of 5 of your favorite Holiday blends that bring warm memories of the Christmas season into your home all year long!

From the smell of freshly cut evergreen trees, freshly fallen snow on a meadow, the spicy scent of mulled cider, to the sweet aroma of peppermint candy canes, this collection is sure to delight everyone on your list.

Inspire Ambiance and change the mood in your home instantly or transport yourself back in time to your favorite Holiday memories. These Warm Flannel blends are sure to inspire the magic of Christmas.

With every gift set you give, you're not just giving luxury, but a gift that every time they use it, they will be thinking of you. We help you make memories through the power of scent. That is the magic of Aromatherapy.

Included in the Gift Set are 5x 10ml Aromatherapy Blends

CANDY CANE - Bring the magic of the holiday into your home this season with the delicious scent of fresh Candy Canes! Infuse your favorite room with a sweet, minty aroma and just the right amount of soft "sugary" undertones.

STARRY NIGHT - This beautiful blend brings to mind moonlit snowscapes, with the warm, spicy scent of stately evergreens standing silent under starry skies.

WINTER FROST - Enjoy the scent of a crisp, cold winter morning. Winter frost reminds us of frost on a cold morning while we're snuggled under a blanket in warm flannel jammies. Cool mint marries beautifully with warm Cypress and the sugary undertones of Benzoin & Bergamot. Truly uplifting!

EVERGREEN - This woodsy and fragrant blend is invigorating, uplifting and grounding at the same time. This organic scent is like walking through a beautiful forest, and will fill your space with the scent of a freshly cut Christmas Tree!

COZY & SAFE - As wonderful as the Holidays are, they can also be a time of high stress & overwhelm. Cozy & Safe is just perfect for these times. Give yourself time to cozy up where you feel most comfortable and spend some quality time alone with your thoughts and emotions. This scent blend will relax the mind and calm the body. Now is the time to rejuvenate, knit back your frayed sense of calm and get back to the magic of the Holidays!



 Beautiful Living | Meaningful Giving

These are 100% pure, all natural, plant botanicals. No artificial fragrances. No preservatives. No parabens. Just plant therapy in every bottle!


There are limited quantities of these Special Holiday Gift Sets so be sure to order early!