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Hi, I'm Kelly Valentine.

I’ve always been a life-long learner, and through my 25 year career have embarked on many journeys of education centering around holistic wellness, and how that could apply to the beauty industry which I’ve always loved and continue to commit myself to. As the years went by, it was becoming very difficult to find the products I wanted to use on myself, my family and on my cherished clients.

Through education and research, I developed a true passion for botanical formulation, development of results driven ingredients, and the power of essential oils.

I wanted to create a brand that is luxurious to the body & skin, a delight to the senses, and a line of plant based skin care that produces real results.

Tested on myself, my clients and yes, even my kids for over 2 years, The Sage and Sweetgrass private label was perfected and brought to life. We will continue to grow, learn, develop and bring you the very best in safe, natural and effective skin-care.

I continue this life- long passion for learning and am currently working towards my Board Certification for Clinical Practitioner in Aromatherapy. The science behind these beautiful, therapeutic oils continues to amaze and transform my views on holistic wellness, anti-aging and healing.

Although the Sage and Sweetgrass started as a personal journey it has become so much more. It is truly our team as a whole that makes the vision work so beautifully. I invite you to meet the team of professionals whose dedication to holistic wellness is surpassed only by their passion of bringing the Sage and Sweetgrass experience to each and every one of their clients.