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Hormone Harmony

It isn’t always easy being divinely feminine and when our hormones are “out of balance” so to speak, we can feel irritated, frustrated, or even angry and depressed. As if that were not quite enough, we haven’t even touched on the physical symptoms of cramps, bloating, hot flushes, night sweating and digestive issues.

With a carefully selected blend of the best women’s oils in a convenient take with you roll on, our Hormone Harmony blend will have you feeling calm and back to your divine feminine in no time!


  • Geranium: Is one on the most beneficial oils for balancing hormones and relieving symptoms of menopause and PMS. Geranium is an uplifting oil and also combats feelings of sadness and anxiety.

  • Rose: Known as the “queen of flowers”, rose is often the first choice in treating many of the female hormonal imbalances, and is said to help women express their femininity and sexuality.

  • Clary Sage: Incredibly efficient at relieving menstrual cramps, menopausal symptoms, and its ability to give an immediate sense of euphoria. Clary Sage is a must have for all things divinely feminine!

Roll Hormone Harmony on the wrists, temples, back of the neck and even on the balls of the feet. Don’t forget to inhale deeply! Pairs beautifully with our Hormone Harmony Synergy Blend for your diffuser.

Our roller balls are travel size, perfect to keep in your purse or carry on, and wonderful to take with you wherever you go.


    • (Pelargonium Graveolens)Geranium
      • (Rose damascene) Rose absolute
        • (Salvia sclaria)Clary Sage
          • (Ocimum basilicum) Basil
            • (Foeniculum vaulgare dulce)Fennel
              • (Boswellia carterii) Frankincense 
                • (Prunus armeniaca) Apricot Seed Oil
                • (Vitus vinifera) Grapeseed Oil







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