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May 25, 2020 2 min read

I truly hope this note finds you well and thriving!

We are now in our tenth week of being closed and I'm not going to lie to you .... it's been challenging to say the least! I know we are all feeling slightly changed by this event, and moving forward into the future we will collectively be adapting as we go.

I don't know about you, but I've gone through a veritable roller coaster of emotions during the shelter in place mandate. One day I'm super optimistic and the next, searching YouTube for videos on how to grow my own food in an underground bunker.

For me personally, shutting off the news and only getting updates once per day has been a mental relief as I found myself feeling a level of anxiety that I hadn't experienced before. 

I've learned a lot about myself and realize that when retirement finally comes I will need to join a lot of clubs and activities! I am not wired for sitting in my garden sipping tea day after day :) I can't wait to hear all the stories when we are all together again.

One fun thing that came out of this experience is that we've decided to build a greenhouse this year and I've connected with plants and "dirt" on a whole new level. We will be a little late getting started, but I'm excited about learning a new skill. I'm also heavily into macerating herbal oils so expect some beautiful new herbal balms later this year.  I'm currently working with Butcher's Broom, Skullcap, Marshmallow root and Vitex.    

We have no date yet, but as soon as we know you'll know :)  Yes, it will look a little different for both the stylists and the clients, but with patience and kindness we will do our very best to make sure your experience is a positive and caring one. 


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If you have any questions or concerns about your visit to the salon, please don't ever hesitate to reach out! We are all learning and growing in this experience. Everyone's safety is our #1 priority!






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